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If your search today is Best PTE Centres near me then your search ends here because we are the Best PTE classes provider in Australia. Our PTE experts assist students with specific techniques to score high scores in every module of this exam.


At Vision, all our PTE experts share a common vision which is the success of our students. No matter whether you need PTE for your visa or study purposes, our team is highly trained to give you the best coaching to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Why Choose Vision Language Experts for PTE Classes?


Tailored Plans

Your journey of desired scores in PTE test starts with a detailed discussion with one of our PTE experts. They will not just listen to your score requirements but will also guide you in planning your PTE journey smooth and easy. No matter you are aiming for 50 Each, 65 Each or 79 Each, our experts will come up with an effective study plan based on your time commitments and score requirements.

Proven Strategies

At Vision, we provide best PTE strategies to all our students which are being tested by our experts in real exams which helps students in getting their desired scores.

Rigorous Mock Test Based Preparation

When you put your efforts in long hours of practice, our weekly mocks will give you insights how close you are to your desired scores. Apart from the full weekly mock tests, our tutors will assign you module wise individual mock tests when you need extra help or struggling in any particular modules.

Online + Offline Learning

Vision is a popular choice for PTE preparation all over the world. Our students have graciously labelled us as the Best PTE Coaching Classes in Sydney. You can attend face to face PTE classes in Sydney branch. However, we also conduct live PTE online classes for students who want to attend our sessions from the comfort of their homes.

PTE Prediction Files 

We work with experienced PTE experts as they put every effort to ensure your best score in PTE. They work intensively on latest PTE prediction files consisting of questions that have a high probability of being a part of the exam.

Instant Help From Experts

We prioritise the needs of our students above everything else to ensure a good PTE score. Our experts will not only support you in classes but our team of experts will always be available to clear your doubts and help you in this journey.

Vision Language Experts: Best PTE classes Sydney

What Would I Get In?
Face to Face Sessions Online Sessions
Face to Face PTE Strategy Sessions Live Online PTE Strategy Sessions
Unlimited Access to PTE Computerised Labs Access to Live Practice Sessions
Face to Face Personalised Feedbacks Personalised Feedbacks in Live Practice sessions
Vision Practice Portal Access
Weekly Full Mock Tests
Module Wise Mock Tests
Individual Attention And Personalised Study Plan
Special Reading Class


  • Reading Out Loud
  • Repeating Sentences
  • Describing an Image
  • Recalling Lecture and Re-telling them
  • Answering Short Questions Fluently


  • Essay Writing
  • Summary Writing
  • Comprehension Skills


  • Multiple Choice Answers
  • Reordering paragraphs
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answers
  • Reading & Writing - fill in the blanks


  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Highlight correct summary
  • Select missing word
  • Write from dictation
  • MCQ's | Multiple | Single
  • Highlight Incorrect Word


If you are looking for a Free Mock Test to find out if you are close enough to your desired scores, register yourself today and our team will assist you and assign you a Free Mock Test and a detailed score report will be provided by our experts.

Whether you are a first time test taker or have attempted this test before, register yourself for a free trial class today and get to know your tutor first before you enrol with us.

We are providing Face to Face classes in Sydney and Melbourne. Our labs over there are fully equipped with computers where students can sit and practice there for long hours. Not only they will practice there but also be supervised by our experts all the time for feedbacks and individual attention. We have created so many success stories out of these labs and will continue to do the same.

PTE online live classes are streamed multiple times a week and our students love them because of so much flexibility and different timing options. Our online tutors are helping students all over the world with intensive practice sessions. So many online success stories have proved again and again that our online sessions are as productive as our face-to-face sessions. .

We understand many of you would be so busy that attending our physical or online classes might not be possible for you. Still don’t worry because we have a video package for you which provide you so much of flexibility that you can complete this course at your own time and pace.

Frequently asked questions about PTE Examination (FAQ'S)

How can I prepare for PTE at home?

Study the scope of syllabus, make a time table, take mock tests and practise till the last minute. Alternatively, you can join our live online classes from your home to ace PTE.

How many attempts are there for PTE?

There is no limit around the no. of times a candidate can appear for their PTE Academic Exam. Candidates can take their PTE exam as many times as they want.

Is PTE easier than IELTS?

No, both IELTS and PTE are equally demanding and require fundamental skill building as well as knowledge of the test format.

What is the PTE exam fee?

There is a simple exam registration fee of $350 AUD from the aspirants.

What is the minimum score required for PTE?

Most institutions have a low PTE score requirement of 65. But a high score can help you apply for scholarships at the best universities. Moreover, a score of 79+in each module can help students to gain 20 points towards their permanent residency journey in Australia.

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