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Speaking consists of questions to test your ability to conduct daily conversations. In the PTE test, speaking is the first part of the exam. It tests your ability to pronounce correctly and speak fluently. PTE Speak has five types of questions that test your English proficiency.

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pte speaking test

Many aspirants excel in the writing, reading, and speaking modules of the PTE exam but face challenges when it comes to the speaking test module. They often find themselves struggling to convert their thoughts into spoken words and experience a sense of being lost. If you also encounter difficulties in expressing your ideas and stumble during the English speaking test, don't be disheartened. The key to overcoming these issues lies in adequate practice with the appropriate PTE speaking material.

To enhance your preparation and become confident for the exam, it is crucial to practice a substantial number of PTE speaking sample questions. This practice will help you avoid prolonged pauses or gaps while speaking in English. Additionally, incorporating mock tests or PTE speaking practice test sets into your study plan at regular intervals is essential for accurately assessing your performance. If you're looking to formulate an effective study plan to ace the exam, seeking guidance from expert PTE trainers can be immensely helpful.

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Pattern of Questions

Read Aloud

Both reading and speaking skills are tested so that you can read the text aloud with proper intonation and pronunciation. Practice a few times before the exam to maintain your reading speed and fluency.

Up to 60 words 60 Seconds 6-7
Prompt length Time to reply The number of questions

Repeat a Sentence

In PTE repetitive sentences, this justifies the ability to comprehend and recall each sentence in question. Have them repeat with the same accent and pronunciation. The audio cannot be played, so please listen carefully.

3 to 9 Seconds 15 Seconds 10-12
Prompt length Time to reply The number of questions

Describe Image

When describing a photo, you have 25 seconds to get to the heart of the photo. Then, with a tic on the mic, you have to give a meaningful explanation.

Retell lecture

Speaking and listening skills are tested in repeated lectures. You will be presented with a voice prompt of up to 90 seconds and must restate the specified voice within 40 seconds.

Answer short questions

Answer Short Question requires you to answer the question with one or more words. Answer clearly and loudly within 3 seconds.

Required skills for PTE Speaking


Maintain the intonation and stress of each syllable to make your speech effective.

Better understanding

Organize the main points from the image format to deepen your understanding.


Use proper grammar and pronunciation to understand native speakers.


Speaking in a normal audible tone improves oral fluency.


You can pronounce the correct words and phrases and form sentences accurately and clearly.

Better structure

Organize your ideas with proper structure and format.

Expert tips for PTE Speaking:

  • Try using an erasable notebook to write down key points.
  • Take advantage of the countdown time and get ready.
  • Improve your daily conversation in English.
  • Practice in a noisy background to familiarize yourself with the real environment.

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