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What is NAATI CCL?

The NAATI CCL Test evaluates candidates' language proficiency at a community level across various languages. It gauges their ability to translate dialogue between a Language Other Than English (LOTE) and English. At Vision Language Experts, we assist aspirants in preparing for the NAATI CCL test in eight languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Gujarati.

The exam comprises recordings featuring dialogues between individuals, which test-takers must listen to attentively. Each recording contains two dialogues, with each dialogue consisting of short stanzas of 35 words, amounting to 45 marks in total. Achieving a minimum score of 29 is essential to qualify for a valid result.

How NAATI CCL Coaching Classes in Melbourne Can Benefit You?

When considering the NAATI CCL test, it's important to recognize that it can be taken either online or offline. However, it's worth noting that the testing body itself does not offer any NAATI CCL classes in Melbourne.

Vision Language Experts provides comprehensive courses, both online and offline, designed to help students attain the five essential points required for Australian PR. Those who can attend classes in person can enroll in our on-campus program at our campus. For students unable to attend on-campus courses due to various reasons, we offer an equally beneficial online course option.

We are a renowned NAATI CCL training center located in Melbourne, boasting the highest success rate among students.

About NAATI CCL Course

At vision language experts, we start our NAATI CCL Coaching Classes by first giving each student a clear understanding about NAATI Course. This will allow students to easily figure-out the best way.

Our NAATI teaching experts with unique teaching methodology & simplified reading material provides great confidence to our students. Through our NAATI Coaching Institute in Melbourne. We have successfully trained more than 10000 + students.

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PTE, OET, NAATI CCL & IELTS Online Pricing

Enroll at the Best NAATI CCL, OET, IELTS & PTE Online Training Institute in Australia and nail the Exam Like A Pro. T&C apply


Masters today were starters yesterday.

  • Duration : 2 WEEKS

  • Mock test : 2

  • Strategies & tips

  • Practice sessions with experts

  • Practice material

  • Prediction files

  • Online portal access

  • Real exam questions

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Step-by-step mentorship

  • Duration : 4 WEEKS

  • Mock test : 4

  • Strategies & tips

  • Practice sessions with experts

  • Practice material

  • Prediction files

  • Online portal access

  • Real exam questions

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Things go better with advanced

  • Duration : Unlimited

  • Mock test : Unlimited

  • Strategies & tips

  • Practice sessions with experts

  • Practice material

  • Prediction files

  • Online portal access

  • Real exam questions

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Terms & Conditions *

  1. All plans are for one month. After one month the plan will auto-renew.
  2. Once the payment is made, no refund will be issued. If you cancel the course in the middle of the course, still no refund will be issued, but your course will continue till the period lapses.
  3. All the courses are strictly non-transferable.
  4. Top-ups can be used, but the course expiry still stays same as per the initial plan.

Vision Language Experts is providing NAATI CCL classes in

Why Choose

Vision Language Experts for NAATI CCL exam preparation?

We are offering you an in-depth study of every module. Train you with different techniques and strategies for scoring high marks. Guidance from well-trained and best NAATI CCL faculties ready to help you at every stage of your preparations. Get valuable and insightful one-to-one feedback on your performance and direction for the areas that are to be focused more on. Get one-to-one mock tests before your exam just like the real exam.

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one-on-one classes

1-on-1 Learning

We offer personalized one-on-one classes, which we believe are the most effective for CCL exam prep. By assessing each student individually, we tailor a customized study plan to their abilities.

Group Classes

Experienced Trainer

Our skilled trainers are here to help you improve your abilities in the reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections for the Online NAATI exam.

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Individual Mock Tests

As your exam date approaches, our tutors will begin conducting individual mock tests for you. These mock tests are crucial for identifying any areas of weakness, ensuring a 100% success rate.


Discussion Sessions

During the discussion sessions, our experts carefully assess students' strengths and weaknesses to develop personalized study plans tailored to their individual needs.

What makes Melbourne the optimal choice for NAATI CCL coaching classes?

Melbourne stands out as a top choice for international students seeking higher education opportunities. Enrolling in NAATI CCL coaching in Melbourne offers the advantage of earning five valuable points towards Australian PR. With numerous government and private educational institutions, Melbourne provides an ideal environment for pursuing advanced studies.

Melbourne's diverse population, encompassing people from various nations and ethnic backgrounds, warmly embraces and accommodates international students. This welcoming atmosphere contributes significantly to making NAATI CCL classes in Melbourne the top choice across the entire continent.

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  • Introductory Session

  • Vocabulary Learning

  • Practice On Real Exam Dialogues

  • Unlimited Access To Real Exam Dialogues

  • One On One Feedbacks

  • Individual mocks on regular basis

  • Test Day Preparation And Guidance


Most Frequent Questions

CCL is an online exam. It comprises two different passages of dialogue between a native English speaker and a LOTE speaker. Each dialogue is about 50 per cent of the dialogue in English and the rest in the test language, of approx. 300 words. These sections of dialogue are further divided into segments of not more than 35 words. Each short segment ends with a chime.

All CCL tests are hosted by NAATI online. Officially they say it will be released in 8-10 weeks after the test date, however, in most of the cases we have seen that students get their scores in 2-3 Weeks.

Each passage of the CCL test dialogue is marked out of a total of 45 points. In order to pass the test, students need to score a minimum of 29 points for each dialogue. Overall, the score must be at least 63 out of 90.

NAATI CCL exam dates are not always easily available. Sometimes you might see there are no test dates available in next 2-3 months, therefore we always suggest our students to plan the exam date in advance.

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