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Reading exam test your ability for written english in an academic environment. This section contains 15-20 integrated but independent items to test your skills. The format is designed to test your ability to read, write and listen to provided information in English.

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If you're looking for best-quality PTE reading practice material, look no further. We have the perfect solution that will help you excel in the PTE online reading test. Our comprehensive strategy not only covers reading techniques but also provides valuable insights into effective writing techniques. While some aspirants underestimate the importance of PTE academic reading practice test, considering it as less significant or due to overconfidence, it is crucial to treat it with the same priority as other tests. With our guidance, you can make an informed buying decision and be well-prepared for success in the PTE reading test.

Understanding the significance of PTE reading practice tests is crucial before proceeding further. These tests offer several advantages that should not be overlooked:

  • Vocabulary Enhancement: Utilizing PTE reading mock tests allows for the improvement of vocabulary. It helps individuals become acquainted with unfamiliar words they may not have encountered previously.
  • Content Structure Awareness: By engaging with the paragraphs provided in PTE reading materials, aspirants gain insights into the structure and organization of the content. This understanding is valuable for comprehending and analyzing texts effectively.
  • Content Writing Techniques: Reviewing PTE exam reading practice tests can also aid aspirants in learning content writing techniques. By observing how information is presented and organized in these tests, individuals can enhance their own writing skills.
  • Word Usage Learning: PTE academic reading material offers an opportunity to learn the usage of different words. By studying the texts, candidates can expand their repertoire of vocabulary and understand how specific words are employed in context.

Recognizing these benefits ensures that aspirants fully appreciate the importance of engaging in PTE reading practice tests as part of their overall preparation strategy.

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Pattern of Questions

Read and write fill in the blanks

Text with some spaces appears on the screen. You must fill in the blanks in the specified list options. Examine your ability to identify missing words using relevant prompts.

Up to 150 words Reading and Writing 5-6
Prompt length Skills that are evaluated The number of questions

Multiple choice multiple answer

After reading the text, answer multiple choice questions and multiple choice is the correct answer. This type of question will result in negative grades, but not negative points.

Up to 300 words Read 1-2
Prompt length Skills that are evaluated The number of questions

Reorder Paragraphs

Content fields appear in all requests on the screen. Organize distributed content boxes to get the sections that matter. Test your ability to remove irrational boxes. Up to 150 words of content.

Up to 150 words Read 3-4
Prompt length Skills that are evaluated The number of questions

Fill the gap

Text with multiple spaces appears on the screen. Drag a word from the box below the gap to fill it. Test your ability to put grammatically correct words into context. The character limit is about 80 characters. keep reading up to 80 words prompt length read skills to be evaluated 4-5 The number of questions.

Up to 80 words Read 4-5
Prompt length Skills that are evaluated The number of questions

Multiple choice single answer

This type of question analyzes your ability to read and evaluate passages. You must read the provided text and select one answer.

Up to 110 words Reading 1-2
Prompt length Skills that are evaluated The number of questions

Required skills for PTE Reading

Differentiating skills

Ability to discern basic ideas from details.

Identify topic sets

Recognize and respond to topic sentences in text.


Understand vocabulary in context and recognize correct word forms.

Identify supporting ideas

Identify evidence that supports your point or argument.

Paraphrasing skills

Identify and interpret sentences that have identical meanings.

Identify topic sets

Identify the synthesizer that summarizes the thematic sentence.

Expert tips for PTE Rading:

  • Use skipping and skimming techniques.
  • Read academic papers and speed up your reading.
  • Expand your academic vocabulary pool.
  • Practice PTE score mock tests to hint at tricks.

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