Is it easy to get 79 in PTE?


Getting a 79 score in Pearson Tests in English is evidence of an individual’s proficiency in the English language. PTE is a dependable, simple, and unbiased exam that is entirely computer-based and simple to score. Obtaining a PTE score of 79 or higher requires patience, dedication, and a great deal of planning. The best PTE coaching center in Blacktown, Sydney can provide students with PTE online and face-to-face classes to get 79+ scores in PTE. Because the PTE is a computer-based exam that is run on artificial intelligence-based systems and algorithms, it is pivotal that you pay attention to the score guidelines in order to score better and higher.

Begin your preparation by becoming familiar with the PTE format and question types. Before you begin practicing, you must first understand the exam and its format. Vision Language Experts in Sydney provides with the best PTE online classes as well as face to face classes to get you started on the right track. The PTE exam takes approximately three hours to complete and consists of approximately 70 questions in total.

Always go through the preparation in the correct order – don’t skip ahead to the questions; each question is significant and scoring. Vision Language Experts in Sydney is the best PTE coaching center in Blacktown; they provide students with proper knowledge and training to get high scores in PTE. Also, the enabling skills play a critical role in getting you to your desired score; be familiar with them and understand how they affect the score. Your enabling skills account for 60-70 percent of your overall score. Vision Language Experts provides the best online live classes as well as face to face classes. It is one of the best PTE coaching classes in Thomastown, Melbourne.

Go through the questions in order and practice them one after the other – and then take your first mock test when you’re ready. Vision Language Experts provide mock tests with score reports checked by the qualified PTE staff. The mock test will help you understand your current level, and it will also provide you with practical learning practice. You can also put your time management strategies to the test to see if they work properly. Based on the results, plan your next steps – you may need to practice a few more mock tests, take some PTE face to face classes or you may be ready to proceed with your test.

Here are a few tips that will help you get good grades on PTE tests:

  • Remember if you do not speak for a constant three seconds, the answer will stop recording, and the same applies at the start. Speak continuously and don’t stop recording answers unless it’s finished.
  • Spelling in PTE’s is the most sensitive criterion; even a single typo could have terrible results. Also, ensure that only one spelling symposium is used in each type of question.
  • Make sure you comprehend the scores for each question. Then, divide the time among the questions according to their scores, with a higher score deserving more time.
  • Fluency in Oral Expression Speaks naturally and clearly, not too loudly or slowly. Don’t try to change the quality of your voice. Make voice delivery natural, effortless, and smooth. Consistency in speed would also help to improve fluency.
  • Time administration both the reading and listening tasks have a time limit, and you can choose how much time you want to spend on each question. Make sure you have some time management strategies in place – important questions should be given adequate attention.
  • Mic positioning: keep the microphone 2-3 cm away and don’t be concerned about background noise because it has active noise canceling filters. Also, avoid touching the microphone with your hand when recording a response.
  • The Pearson Tests in English are very lenient with scoring, so don’t worry if you make a few mistakes.
  • Keep in mind that you are going to deal with a computer, and a human will be present. You will receive your score if you are consistently correct.

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