Top 3 Methods for PTE Repeat Sentence


Are you constantly struggling in repeat sentences? Not able to get full marks in the content? Struggling in the lengthiest sentences and it is hard for you to remember the content?

This video is going to be for you because in this video, I am going to explain you the shortcuts, the methods to get full marks in PTE repeat sentences.
I will explain how you can get full marks in fluency and pronunciation and at least you will get 12 out of 13 in every single PTE repeat sentence.

Understanding PTE Repeat Sentence Task

Now repeat sentence contribute marks towards speaking and listening. For every single repeat sentence you get three marks which goes directly towards your listening module. So in this video we will be covering how you can get full marks for the content but along with that you also get marks for fluency and pronunciation.So that means 10 marks you get for speaking portion and 3 marks you get for listening portion from every single repeat sentence. In the exam you can get somewhere around 9 to 13 of them so this is very important task not only for speaking but also for listening module.

You have to maintain your flow and you have to maintain your clarity so that you always get full marks for the speaking portion. For the content I am going to showcase you couple of methods which will help you to get better with your content portion as well.

Method 1: Remembering Content and Understanding Message

So let me show you the easiest method the method number one which is remembering the content and understanding the message behind the sentence. So that it really retains in your mind and you are able to get full content marks. If Students are able to capture a couple of words only, they lose the marks. Maximum marks I am going to get is for the content somewhere around 2 out of 3 but on the other hand I am still getting full marks for fluency and almost full marks for pronunciation because I am not using the microphone but on the other hand if you don't even speak these 3 to 4 words in a clear manner and with fluency you will end up getting maybe 7 or 8 only.

So first suggestion is try to remember as many as words you can. Also try to remember that your fluency and pronunciation both are getting impacted as well. If you are able to speak them fluently with full clarity you will get full marks for this portion as well. At the end we also got 2 out of 3 which is not bad just by speaking 4 words.

This is what you need to remember in the sentences which are lengthier. Don't struggle, don't stop in the middle of the sentence. Don't panic, don't hesitate and maintain your clarity and speak as many as words you can but in the right sequence. You can get partial marking for the content as well. So this is very important you need to remember for the lengthy sentences now this is just remembering the sentence trying to understand the sentence and then repeating it.

Now there are a lot of students who just try to follow the strategy like they close their eye and then they speak. They just try to concentrate on the words and then they just try to repeat it. But one thing you always have to keep in mind there is no beep sound that means once the sentence is finished the recording will automatically start within 1 to 2 seconds. So always start speaking the sentence after 1 to 2 seconds so that your full audio gets recorded. This is very important because sometimes students start speaking before the audio gets recorded and some of the words they miss out.

But the strategy over here is try to remember by focusing on the meaning of the sentence and by understanding or trying to focus or remember the words as much as possible and speaking them fluently with full clarity. This will help you to get full marks for the speaking portion and partial marking minimum for the content. If the sentences are less let's say the sentences of like 8 to 9 words you will be able to get 3 out of 3 as well because in repeat sentences there is a partial marking. Even with 80 percent of the content, you can get full marks for the content that means 3 out of 3.

Make sure that you do not make any mistake either in the fluency or in the pronunciation. For the content try to speak as many as words possible but not by compromising your flow by your clarity. Always make sure that your fluency and pronunciation is 100% correct so that you can get full marks.

Method 2: Taking Notes

let's talk about number two the method where students will be taking some notes. Now some students are very good in note taking, so this strategy works better for them. You just have to take abbreviations for every single word and you try to then remember the content from your notes and then you speak it. You need to make sure that your fluency and pronunciation should be perfect without making any hesitations or without making any clarity mistakes. You have to attempt the answer but after writing the notes you will be able to capture more content.

This strategy is not for everyone because our time is very less. So only if you are good at taking notes, if you think that you can you know write faster and you can capture or retain more content by writing it down, then go for this.

Now this is only for students who are good at taking notes. This will help you even in the lengthier sentences because you will be able to capture the content faster and more as well. This will help you to get better marks in the content. So, try this strategy if you are good at taking notes because this will really help you to boost up your marks for the content.  But on the other hand if you are the student who struggles to take notes then don't go for this strategy because I will be showing you third strategy which can work very well for you.

Method 3 : Hybrid Approach

Now let me talk about this third strategy the third strategy is a hybrid strategy. It is a mix of strategy number one and strategy number two. You will be taking notes for some of the portions and you will be remembering some of the portions. This is the strategy that really will help to capture entire content for the lengthy sentences. It also helps because it is really short time when it is about the repeat sentences. So you can manage your time very effectively.

Writing the initials for all the words sometimes can be really challenging, so take notes for some of the words and remember some of the words.  This strategy is really helpful because if you are going to get the sentences more than seven to eight words (12 or 13 words) and you have already noted down half of the words, you can easily remember the remaining words. so this strategy works very well for the lengthy sentences. So this is what you need to write down the initial letters or abbreviations for the first half and remember the last half.

Other way you can also do that you can remember the first half and write down the last half. You can choose any strategy whichever works for you. This is very important that you take the notes for half and you remember the half but your fluency and pronunciation will be very stagnant because you cannot make any mistake in them.

You need to be fluent. Your clarity needs to be there okay. For the content this strategy works like a charm. But you just need to get actual to it. Make sure that you practice about 20 to 25 on a daily basis so that you can get hang of the strategy. You can get better marks using this strategy not only for the
fluency and pronunciation but also for the content.

Content is not the king. Make sure that you focus on fluency and pronunciation as well. Do not let your content hamper them. Do not panic, do not hesitate and make sure that when you are speaking be clear as well so that your clarity or pronunciation should be 100% too.


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