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The Pearson English Test (PTE) Academic is a computer-assisted assessment of your English language skills! And what is the goal of the PTE Exam? Your PTE Test results inform schools and visa offices in study-abroad countries about how well your English compares to that of a native speaker. Three sections of 52 to 64 questions each assess your English reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities. This allows institutions to determine whether or not you will be able to learn, communicate, and go about your daily life while studying at a university abroad! Because of its accessibility and convenience, this test is becoming increasingly popular. It is completed in a single session, either at a secure testing facility or at home. Automated scoring eliminates human error in grading.

There is an essay in the PTE Writing part. It is important to understand the topic and plan your essay accordingly. Please follow the character limit and do not write less than the minimum character limit.

The speaking part focuses on vocabulary and pronunciation. Avoid unnecessary filler words and don't pause while speaking. Read a lot of texts in books and watch different English programs and movies to help with your listening. Skim the content, practice identifying key keywords, and quickly write your answer without reading the entire section. Grammar and vocabulary are very important to get good results on the PTE exam. Get an overview of synonyms and avoid complex words that can be misspelled or pronounced. Since this is a computer-based test, practice typing on the computer to improve your typing speed. It helps you manage your exam time. In the listening section, write down all the important facts and information. It can be used later to create an answer.

Do not provide examples unless the question or the examiner requests it. Keep every answer concise and crisp without dragging lines or stretching word boundaries. Keep quality over quantity. After you have finished writing, proofread your essay. Concentrate on writing a good introduction and conclusion.

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PTE Part #1: Speaking and Writing

The speaking and writing portion of the exam lasts 77-93 minutes. Your speaking skills will be assessed against your ability to use spoken English in an academic environment. Your written English will be assessed on your ability to use academic English using correct grammar, structure, and spelling.

This part of the exam consists of eight parts. Each part tests different skill sets and contains different types of questions. You will be asked to introduce yourself first. It takes 25 seconds to prepare and read the prompt. You have 30 seconds to record your answers. Your personal performance will not be evaluated but will be sent to your previously selected institution along with your results report.

PTE Part 2: Reading

This portion of the exam is 32-41 minutes long. It tests your reading comprehension. One timed section has 15-20 questions that test different skills. In reading comprehension questions, you will get 5 types of questions.

PTE Part 3: Listening

This part of the test lasts 45-57 minutes and tests your listening skills. 8 types of questions are included in this section.

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