PTE Writing Strategies to Score Band 9


Have issues in PTE writing? Achieving a perfect score in the PTE writing module is a challenging yet attainable goal. Many students struggle with identifying which tasks impact their scores the most and how to improve their performance in these areas. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential tasks that contribute to your PTE writing score and provide expert strategies to help you achieve a perfect score of 90.

Understanding the PTE Writing Module

PTE Writing module evaluates your academic English writing skills through tasks like "Summarize Written Text and Write Essay". It tests your ability to express opinions, summarize information concisely, and organize ideas logically. Practice and understanding of task requirements are vital for achieving high scores.

Tasks Contributing to PTE Writing Score

PTE writing module consists of tasks that are directly and indirectly related to writing. While Write Essay and Summarize Written Text are the primary tasks, other modules like Reading and Listening also contribute to the writing score. Let's explore each of these tasks in detail.

  1. Essay Write and Summarize Written Text

These are the main tasks within the writing module. Both contribute significantly to your writing score. It is crucial to understand the marking criteria and perform well in these tasks.

  1. Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks

This task is part of the Reading module but contributes to the writing score as well. Each blank filled correctly gives one mark for reading and one for writing. On average, you can gain 15 to 20 marks for writing from this task.

  1. Summarize Spoken Text

This task from the Listening module contributes marks to both listening and writing. Each Summarize Spoken Text can add around 4 marks to your writing score, depending on the content.

  1. Listening Fill in the Blanks

Similar to the Reading and Writing fill-in-the-blanks, this task contributes equally to Listening and Writing. Each correctly filled blank adds marks to your writing score.

  1. Write from Dictation

This is one of the most crucial tasks for your Listening module. Each word written correctly gives one mark for listening and one for writing. Performing well in this task can significantly boost your writing score.

Strategies to Achieve 9 Band in PTE Writing

  1. Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks
  • Learn Techniques and Shortcuts: Understand the strategies to approach each blank effectively. There are specific techniques to identify the correct words for the blanks.
  • Practice Regularly: Consistent practice will help you get familiar with common patterns and improve your accuracy.
  • Refer to Resources: Watch videos and tutorials that explain the strategies to score perfectly in Reading and Writing fill in the blanks.
  1. Summarize Spoken
  • Focus on Nouns: Extracting the key nouns from the lecture audio can help you score better in content.
  • Avoid Spelling and Grammar Mistakes: Proofread your summaries to eliminate errors in spelling and grammar, which can negatively impact your writing score.
  • Practice Time Management: Ensure you manage your time effectively to complete the task without rushing.
  1. Listening Fill in the Blanks
  • Addressing Spelling Issues: Create a list of commonly misspelled words and practice them regularly.
  • Understanding Singular and Plural Forms: When in doubt, read the sentence with the word in the blank to determine if it should be singular or plural.
  • Utilizing Resources: Subscribe to receive free lists of frequently tested words and practice them to enhance your accuracy.
  1. Write from Dictation
  • Use the Initials Strategy: Write down the initials of each word as you hear them and then type the full words. This helps in retaining the sequence and content of the dictation.
  • Add Extra Words: When unsure about a word, add possible variations (like singular and plural forms). There's no penalty for additional words, but ensure they make sense in context.
  • Manage Your Time: Be mindful of the overall time limit for the listening section. Don't spend too much time on one dictation to avoid running out of time.
  1. Writing Module
  • Use Effective Templates: While templates can be helpful, it is essential to add relevant keywords and content to score well.
  • Include Keywords: Ensure you understand the topic and include appropriate keywords in your essay and summarized text.
  • Proofread for Errors: Always review your work to correct any spelling or grammar mistakes before submission.

Additional Tips for Success

  • Practice from Reliable Resources: Use platforms like the Vision Language Experts portal for practice. Their prediction exercises can help you prepare for the types of dictations you will encounter in the exam.
  • Follow Expert Guidance: Subscribe to channels that provide regular updates, tips, and resources for PTE preparation.
  • Stay Updated: Follow relevant social media channels for daily tips and strategies to improve your PTE scores.


Achieving a perfect score in the PTE writing module requires understanding the tasks, implementing effective strategies, and consistent practice. By focusing on the areas discussed and following the expert tips provided, you can significantly improve your writing score. Remember to manage your time effectively, proofread your work, and use the right resources for practice. With dedication and the right approach, you can achieve a perfect score of 90 in the PTE writing module.


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