PTE Summarize Written Text 2024: Latest Tips and Strategies


The PTE Academic exam, a pivotal test for non-native English speakers aiming to study or migrate to English-speaking countries, includes a challenging section called "Summarize Written Text" (SWT). This section tests your ability to condense a lengthy text into a concise, clear summary. As a top PTE Institute, Vision Language Experts is here to guide you with the latest tips and strategies to excel in this task in 2024.

Understanding Summarize Written Text (SWT)

In the SWT task, you are presented with a text of up to 300 words. Your goal is to summarize the text in one sentence, ranging from 5 to 75 words. The summary must encapsulate the main ideas of the passage without deviating from the original meaning.

Latest Tips to Ace SWT in 2024

1. Identify the Main Idea

To craft an effective summary, identifying the main idea is crucial. Scan the text quickly to understand the overall topic. Focus on the introduction and conclusion, as these sections often contain the key points.

2. Highlight Key Points

While reading, highlight or note down the significant points, such as main arguments, supporting evidence, and conclusions. This helps in retaining essential information and structuring your summary logically.

3. Use Complex Sentences

Since your summary must be one sentence, use complex sentences to incorporate multiple ideas. Utilize connectors like "and," "but," "because," and "which" to link different parts of the text smoothly.

4. Avoid Personal Opinions

Stick to the information provided in the text. Avoid inserting personal opinions or interpretations. The summary should be an objective reflection of the original passage.

5. Practice Paraphrasing

Effective paraphrasing is key to avoiding plagiarism and showcasing your language skills. Practice rephrasing sentences without altering the meaning. This not only helps in SWT but also enhances your overall writing proficiency.

6. Time Management

You have 10 minutes to complete each SWT task. Allocate the first few minutes to read and understand the text, the next few minutes to draft your summary, and the remaining time to review and refine your sentence. Efficient time management ensures you don't rush through the task.

7. Use Punctuation Wisely

Proper punctuation is crucial in complex sentences. Use commas, semicolons, and conjunctions correctly to maintain clarity and coherence in your summary.

8. Review Grammar and Spelling

Errors in grammar and spelling can detract from the quality of your summary. Always proofread your sentence for any mistakes and ensure it adheres to standard grammatical rules.

9. Stay Within the Word Limit

Ensure your summary falls within the 5 to 75-word limit. Overly long sentences may lose clarity, while very short ones might omit crucial details. Aim for a balanced and concise summary.

10. Practice Regularly

Consistent practice is the key to mastering SWT. Utilize practice materials and mock tests to familiarize yourself with various text types and improve your summarizing skills.

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Mastering the Summarize Written Text task is vital for a high score in the PTE Academic exam. By following these latest tips and strategies, you can enhance your summarizing skills and perform confidently in the test. Join Vision Language Experts to receive top-notch guidance and support on your PTE journey.


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