PTE Speaking Cheatsheet for Perfect Scores


Scoring high in the PTE Speaking section can significantly enhance your overall PTE score by positively affecting your reading and listening scores. Many students struggle to achieve perfect scores, but it is entirely achievable with the right techniques. This PTE Speaking Cheatsheet offers essential hacks to achieve a perfect score in the PTE Speaking section. Key strategies include reading only the first 12 words for Read Aloud, focusing on keywords for Describe Image and Retell Lecture, and partial content coverage for Repeat Sentences.

Hacks for Perfect Scores in PTE Speaking

  1. Read Aloud

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need to read the entire paragraph to score well in the reading module. However, you can get perfect scores by reading just the first 12 words. Here is how:

  • Count to 12 Words: Identify and read the first 12 words of the paragraph.

Example: “The correlation between elevated blood pressure levels and a multitude of health…” – Stop after the 12th word.

This method ensures you get full marks for fluency and pronunciation, and it has been proven effective by many students.

  1. Describe Image

For the "Describe Image" task, you do not need to explain all the trends or provide detailed analyses of bar graphs and pie charts. Instead, focus on key content and structure:

  • Keywords: Identify and mention the main topics and significant details.
  • Structure: Create a simple, repeatable template that includes the main elements of the image.
  • Fluency and Pronunciation: Ensure smooth and clear speech.
  1. Retell Lecture

Similar to "Describe Image", focus on key nouns and keywords from the lecture:

  • Keywords: Pick out the main nouns and key points.
  • Structure: Use a simple template to organize your retelling.

4 . Answer Short Questions

While "Answer Short Questions" may seem less important, they still carry weight. Here is how to tackle them effectively:

  • Prediction Questions: Study and memorize prediction questions before the exam.
  • Quick Answers: Don’t spend hours practicing; just familiarize yourself with common questions and their answers.
  1. Repeats and Dictation

You can still achieve high marks even if you don’t repeat the entire sentence. Aim to capture 50-75% of the content:

  • Content Coverage: Aim to repeat at least 50% of the sentence to get 2 out of 3 marks for content.
  • Fluency and Pronunciation: Maintain clear and fluent speech.

These PTE Speaking hacks are designed to help you achieve a perfect score. Practice them consistently on platforms like Visual Language Experts to see real-life results. Remember, you don’t need to explain everything in detail; focus on keywords, structure, fluency, and pronunciation. Follow these strategies, and you will be well on your way to to get perfect scores in  PTE Speaking section.


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