How to Score 79 Plus in PTE Speaking?


Scoring 79 or above in the PTE Speaking section is a goal that many test-takers aspire to achieve. This section requires a combination of fluency, pronunciation, and content organization. At Vision Language Experts, we understand the importance of this goal, and in this blog, we'll provide valuable insights and strategies to help you excel in the PTE Speaking test.

1. Understand the PTE Speaking Section:

a. Overview:
The Speaking section of the PTE exam assesses your ability to communicate effectively in English. It consists of different tasks, each designed to evaluate specific aspects of your speaking skills.

b. Task Types:
Familiarize yourself with the various task types, including read-aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describing Images, and Retell Lecture. Understanding the unique requirements of each task is essential for targeted preparation.

2. Practice Regularly with PTE Mock Tests:

a. Simulate Exam Conditions:
Incorporate PTE mock tests into your preparation routine to simulate the actual exam environment. This helps you become familiar with the format, time constraints, and overall test dynamics.

b. Receive Feedback:
Mock tests provide an opportunity to receive instant feedback on your performance. Identify areas that need improvement and focus on refining your skills based on this feedback.

3. Develop Fluency and Pronunciation:

a. Practice Speaking Aloud:
Regularly practice speaking English aloud to enhance fluency and pronunciation. Choose diverse topics and engage in conversations to build confidence in expressing ideas clearly.

b. Pronunciation Exercises:
Work on pronunciation exercises that focus on specific sounds or words. Utilize online resources and language learning apps to target areas that may pose challenges.

4. Task-Specific Strategies:

a. Read Aloud:
Pay attention to intonation, pacing, and stress. Practice reading various types of texts to improve your ability to handle different content.

b. Repeat Sentence:
Listen carefully to the sentence provided and repeat it accurately. Focus on maintaining clarity and rhythm in your speech.

c. Describe Image:
Develop a systematic approach to describing images. Practice organizing your thoughts coherently within the given time frame.

d. Retell Lecture:
Practice summarizing and retelling information from lectures. Focus on key points and structure your response logically.

5. Enroll in Online PTE Coaching:

a. Expert Guidance:
Consider enrolling in our Online PTE Coaching to receive expert guidance tailored to the Speaking section. Our experienced instructors provide personalized feedback and strategies to boost your performance.

b. Targeted Practice Sessions:
Our coaching programs include targeted practice sessions for each task type, allowing you to focus on specific areas of improvement.

6. Utilize Vision Language Experts Resources:

a. Mock Tests:
Explore our collection of PTE Speaking mock tests to enhance your preparation. These tests are designed to mirror the actual exam experience.

b. Comprehensive Study Material:
Access our comprehensive study material, including tips, sample responses, and strategies, to supplement your preparation for the Speaking section.

Embark on Your PTE Success Journey:

Achieving a score of 79 or above in the PTE Speaking section requires dedication, practice, and targeted preparation. At Vision Language Experts, we are committed to providing the resources and support you need to excel in this important aspect of the PTE exam.

Visit Vision Language Experts to explore our Online PTE Coaching and an extensive collection of PTE Speaking mock tests. Your journey to scoring 79 plus in PTE Speaking begins here!

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