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We are the providers of Best NAATI classes in Australia. Our NAATI experts assist students with specific techniques to score high in every section of the exam and help them with their preparation and lead to success.

About NAATI course

At vision language experts, we start our NAATI coaching classes by first giving each student a clear understanding about NAATI Course. This will allow students to easily figure-out the best way.

Our NAATI teaching experts with unique teaching methodology & simplified reading material provides great confidence to our students. Through our NAATI coaching institute in Sydney and online NAATI training classes, we have successfully trained more than 2000 + students.

Best NAATI Classes in Sydney

Vision language experts conduct NAATI CCL Online Classes to help candidates pass with flying colours. The NAATI CCL Test assesses an applicant’s language abilities at the community level. Naati score is usually taken by those wishing to lodge a point-based visa application. Infact, aspirants who appear for NAATI claim five bonus points for their visa application. However, the qualification is valid for three years from the date of issue.

We offer a NAATI CCL Course with flexible schedules and one-on-one sessions for our students during weekdays as well as weekends. Our NAATI CCL Preparation module also contains practice materials, practice labs, and feedback from our professional tutors.

Why Choose Vision for NAATI CCL classes?


One-on-one Learning

At Vision Language Experts, we offer one-on-one classes with a personalised approach that is the most effective way to prepare for your CCL exam. Our target is to assess a student’s abilities on an individual level without the distractions.

Group Classes

Short cohort-based naati ccl exam preparation that runs for a four or eight-week block and accommodates 20-50 students at a time. We host both in-person or online naati classes, and this type of preparation is the most budget-friendly. Applicants who are already confident in their English-language skills and only require a few pointers to help them pass successfully should sign up for these classes.

Unlimited Classes

If you are trying to gather points for a Visa application, you must know that every extra qualification counts. Vision Language experts offer unlimited classes so that students who are counting on five extra points from passing CCL get the best preparation possible.

Crash Course

If your NAATI exam is around the corner and you are under time pressure, we offer crash courses to prepare students for your upcoming CCL examination. We onboard students and offer the same training, guidance, and techniques to help them ace NAATI preparation. Although fast paced, our NAATI crash course is available both in-person and online options to make the process as easy as possible.

Frequently asked questions about PTE Examination (FAQ'S)

What Is the Format of the CCL Test?

CCL is an online exam. It comprises two different passages of dialogue between a native English speaker and a LOTE speaker. Each dialogue is about 50 per cent of the dialogue in English and the rest in the test language, of approx 300 words. These sections of dialogue are further divided into segments of not more than 35 words. Each short segment ends with a chime. The tester usually pauses the recording at each chime and allows the candidate to respond. The tester then restarts the recording and plays the next segment only when the candidate is done.

How Long Do I Have to Wait for My Results?

All CCL tests are hosted by NAATI online. Results are usually released 8-10 weeks after the test date.

How Is the CCL Test Marked?

Each passage of the CCL test dialogue is marked out of a total of 45 points. In order to pass the test, students need to score a minimum of 29 points for each passage of dialogue. Overall, the score has to be at least 63 out of 90.

How many repeat opportunities do NAATI aspirants have?

You have one repeat opportunity per section of dialogue without any penalty. We recommend you utilise this provision in each section. You will be penalised for every error in your response. Errors include grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, hesitations, omission, and additions in speech. Points will be deducted for corrections, it’s better to make a correction with some points deducted than answering wrong and receiving no points at all.

How to choose a NAATI coaching in Sydney?

A good NAATI coaching provider will give you access to a module that is a mix of theoretical knowledge as well as practical tips. The instructors must be willing to help you practice speaking slowly and clearly before your exam, in both English and the test language.

Vision Language Experts: Best PTE classes Sydney

What Would I Get In?
Face to Face Sessions Online Sessions
Face to Face PTE Strategy Sessions Live Online PTE Strategy Sessions
Unlimited Access to PTE Computerised Labs Access to Live Practice Sessions
Face to Face Personalised Feedbacks Personalised Feedbacks in Live Practice sessions
Vision Practice Portal Access
Weekly Full Mock Tests
Module Wise Mock Tests
Individual Attention And Personalised Study Plan
Special Reading Class


  • Reading Out Loud
  • Repeating Sentences
  • Describing an Image
  • Recalling Lecture and Re-telling them
  • Answering Short Questions Fluently


  • Essay Writing
  • Summary Writing
  • Comprehension Skills


  • Multiple Choice Answers
  • Reordering paragraphs
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answers
  • Reading & Writing - fill in the blanks


  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Highlight correct summary
  • Select missing word
  • Write from dictation
  • MCQ's | Multiple | Single
  • Highlight Incorrect Word


If you are looking for a Free Mock Test to find out if you are close enough to your desired scores, register yourself today and our team will assist you and assign you a Free Mock Test and a detailed score report will be provided by our experts.

Whether you are a first time test taker or have attempted this test before, register yourself for a free trial class today and get to know your tutor first before you enrol with us.

We are providing Face to Face classes in Sydney and Melbourne. Our labs over there are fully equipped with computers where students can sit and practice there for long hours. Not only they will practice there but also be supervised by our experts all the time for feedbacks and individual attention. We have created so many success stories out of these labs and will continue to do the same.

PTE online live classes are streamed multiple times a week and our students love them because of so much flexibility and different timing options. Our online tutors are helping students all over the world with intensive practice sessions. So many online success stories have proved again and again that our online sessions are as productive as our face-to-face sessions. .

We understand many of you would be so busy that attending our physical or online classes might not be possible for you. Still don’t worry because we have a video package for you which provide you so much of flexibility that you can complete this course at your own time and pace.